Nature's Turn: Judy Isacoff - Environmental Education & Arts in Education Programs

Landscapes for Learning

Focus On Cooperative Outdoor Learning

Nature's Turn Landscapes for Learning is guided by the universal appeal of learning from nature outdoors. Structured, cooperative initiatives provide opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds and abilities to come into harmony with the land and seasons.

Enjoy Environmental Literacy
at school, at home, in wild lands, in the garden, park, and neighborhood

  • Make Your Own Field Guides & Journals
• Architecture & The Environment

Landscape Design & Gardening For Public & Private Sites
Design & garden with classes & individuals

  • New construction
• Renovation / re-visioning
• Spaces for reflection
• Curriculum-driven gardens
• Edible landscapes
• Gardens for butterflies & birds
• Native wildflowers, shrubs & trees
• Heirloom & plants of special interest
• Garden structures and crafts

Organic Soil Preparation & Maintenance
Hand work, hand tools: minimize use of machinery

  • Sculpting the earth: free-edge raised beds
• Fertilizing with compost and rock dusts
• Vermiculture, container & heap composting
• Soil testing

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